How to set up the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3 with Quisk.

Quisk Config File example: /data/_uploaded/Confg-file-Quisk.pdf

Installing Quisk on Linux: /data/_uploaded/file/Installing%20Quisk%20for%20Linux%20.pdf

Quisk IQ Balance Info: (1) /data/_uploaded/file/HDSDR-IQ-Balance%20-%20g4zfqradio.pdf  (2)  /data/_uploaded/file/Image%20Rejection%20Hints.pdf

usbsoftrock is a simple-to-use program by Andrew Nilsson which accepts convenient command line options (e.g., frequencies in MHz), speaks the DG8SAQ USB protocol, understands the Si570, and can act as a daemon listening over UDP for control messages.


RTL-SDR for Linux Quick Start Guide - GQRX, Cubic SDR,  ADS-B, Qspectrum, P25 Trunked -

Remote RTL-SDR Server Setup - Install rtl_tcp server on Raspberry Pi

sudo bash apt-get update

apt-get install cmake -y

apt-get install -y

git clone git://

cd rtl-sdr/

mkdir build

cd build/



make install


Run it with rtl_tcp -a {IP Address}

pip install quisk -