Magnet Loop Antenna

I have been experimenting  with mag loops for about a year now. In test comparisons with my 80/40 inv V and Hustler 4BT, I am amazed by the results. Commercial versions are a rip off for the cost of parts needed to construct one. 

Designing and building a working loop takes time, patience, and very few tools. 

A few things I have learned.

1) the available calculators are not dead-on but will get you close.

2) larger conductor diameter increases efficiency and adds capacitance.

3) single band design is best- efficiency decreases about 50% on lower of two bands

4) most builders over-state resistive losses

5) neon bulb makes an excellent tuning aid

6) 2 turn loops work and save space with small decrease in efficiency

7) available calculators over rate possible capacitor voltages