AllStarLink in Muscatine

Simplex Node 503770 | 11/18/2019

Node # 503770 on 446.200 PL tone 100 Hz.

Muscatine hams can now access the AllStarLink network via an open simplex node located at 3rd and Linn streets.Talk to almost anywhere in the world on the UHF HT that you already own. No additional equipment needs to be purchased. Nodes can be connected via DTMF commands. Google "AllStarLink" to learn more about how the system works. Technical information can be found at 

Why Allstar with all of the new RF 'Rube Goldberg' digital repeaters and their VOIP connection schemes out there. The best answer is open source, quality audio, and freedom to do what you want. Dstar, Fusion, DMR, etc are all at least partially if not completely proprietary systems. In most cases the VOIP connection system that makes them somewhat like Allstar is proprietary. Code plugs, Rooms, etc. all make for a confusing and hard to maintain system. It also makes a system which is managed much like IRLP. The individual users has little control other than to connect somewhere. Then there is the lousy audio that goes along with the current Amateur Radio digital RF schemes.

Allstar connects RF systems with full duplex quality audio. It also gives the user a choice in how and where they connect. Private or public group or individual connections can be setup quite easily. If you are in a restricted living environment like a retirement home or HOA that does not allow antennas Allstar gives you the radio feel without an obtrusive antenna or big expense. You could setup a simplex node in your apartment or dwelling and have local coverage with in a few blocks to several miles between your handheld and you own personal node. Couple that with the ability to setup connections to all your buddies that also have nodes and you have your own talk group with everyone using real radios to access. You also have the ability to access via computer, phone, Echolink, and many other methods.

Details: Node 503770 went live on Nov. 15 at 9 pm

Equipment consists of a Motorola M1225 at 10 watts into a home brew 9 Db 70cm collinear antenna elevated to about 25 feet and controlled by a Raspberry Pi running HamVoip software.

The node announces the time on the hour and IDs every 10 minutes when inter-connected to another node.

Frequency 446.200 with PL tone of 100 Hz

DTMF Function List-

All node numbers MUST be entered as 6 digits. Any node number less than 6 digits must have preceding zeros added. It is advised to ONLY CONNECT ONE LINK AT A TIME. Multiple connections can interfere with the network.

*1 = > Link Disconnect ( *1nodenumber )

*2 = > Link Connect  MONITOR ONLY ( *2nodenumber )

*3 = > Link Connect TRANSCIEVE ( 3*nondenumber )

*70 = > Link Status

*71 = > Disconnect All Links

*72 = > Last Node To Key

*73 = > Full Link Status

*74 = > Reconnect Links

*80 = > System Info

*81 = > Time


Further questions about Node 503770 can be directed to me via email. kt0tt dot ham at gmail dot com.

I hope everyone can enjoy the system and use it but not abuse it.

Allen Kiddoo