The ham radio farce of 2019!

After 3 weeks of frustration, I had to give up on the RigPi ‘thing’. Cat control worked great as a $300 VFO knob. All other radio control is via on/off buttons that you must program by entering complex HamLib commands. No way was audio ever going to be satisfactory with the hardware interface and using Mumble for audio transport. The RigPi is a conglomeration of FREE software wrapped together with a pretty interface on a $35 computer. $300 for that?

The message board was going nuts with others having same issues. I called MFJ on phone for help but they never returned call. Any message board help was the same things I had already tried. One of the beta testers contacted me privately by email and admitted this thing was not ready to be released.

I sold it at a $75 loss to a guy in NV. I did tell him that there are audio issues. Had two other buyers back out when I mentioned the audio. I was not going to lie like MFJ and the developer did.